Your Ecommerce Project Management Checklist

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When you are running an ecommerce project you often wish you had a simple checklist to run through. What have I forgotten? What should I consider? Add All To Cart started as a checklist and turned quickly into a book of over 1000 questions.

Structurally it started as a wall of post it notes. First the 10 Chapters then the 10 sections per chapter. The checklist nature of the book can be used end to end or you can just reference a section thats relevant to you.

For example in the Operations Section Chapter on Systems we have the following question/checklist…

Have you identified all the relevant systems that will be impacted by your online store, including but not limited to:
• Finance
• Reporting
• Warehouse management
• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
• Point of sale
• Order management
• Customer relationship management
• Loyalty
• Catalogue/Product Information Management (PIM)
• Email marketing system
• Rating and review system
• Customer service systems
• Supplier integrations
• APIs
• Product feeds (incoming or outgoing)
• Freight and fulfillment systems
• Packaging
• Label printing
• Business back-up systems
• Servers and hosting.

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June 9, 2014