Ecommerce Project Scope

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When you begin an ecommerce project, you have a set of bright and shiny desired outcomes. As the project progresses your original ideas are likely to shift as new discoveries are made along the development path. While a degree of variance is expected, you need to watch out for scope creep and significant changes in expectations. Ideally, through thorough research and requirements gathering in the early stages of the project, it should be relatively easy to stay on course.

This early work..this early architecture is critical. In fact, the more you do the better the outcome.

It’s often the case that issues will arise once the project is underway – sometimes it’s because of poor scoping, weak project management or sponsorship, poor communication between stakeholders, or uncontrollable changes in the ecommerce ecosystem (i.e. new technology options or requirements, necessary upgrades etc.).

This is a tough part of the project. When you have to start saying no or re-prioritising outcomes, it’s very easy for the project spirit to dissolve into a blame game either within the project team or between the client and agency. This is not helpful, but common. If this happens, we call you to rise above the blame, pull together as real team who has each other’s backs, and dive into creative problem solving and courageous conversations to keep the project inching towards success.

Say NO to scope creep.

In Add All To Cart we cover the following questions regarding scope and expectation management..

1. Who is responsible for managing the scope of the project?
2. Does your business understand the term ‘scope creep’?
3. What are your agency’s charge rates for items not included in the original scope?
4. Do you have a Phase 2 list or backlog?
5. Are you sure that all key stakeholders understand what is in and out of scope?

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June 9, 2014