James Horne Director Balance Internet Ecommerce Agency Co-Author Add All To Cart Book

James Horne
Co-Author and Director, Balance Internet

James sold his first online product in 1996 as an online retailer and still owns and runs that business today.

In 2008 James was one of the founders of Balance Internet, a digital agency specialising in ecommerce. With his business partners Mal and David, Balance Internet is now one of the leading ecommerce houses in the Asia Pacific region and services the needs of over 40 leading traditional retailers, wholesalers, brands and manufacturers who sell their goods and services online.

Note from James, the agency fella:

‘You need to love and respect ecommerce to deliver a project successfully. Don’t underestimate the time and energy required to do it right. The most successful projects I have seen have always had a great client team – in particular, a hands-on, hardworking, problem-solving project manager. Clients who are educated, organised, and have a strong inclusive teamwork ethic are the ones who get the best project outcomes.

Unfortunately, many online projects fail and fall over. Avoid this by asking lots of questions (this book should help), employing the right people and engaging the right agency. Then plan the work. And work the plan.

Have fun, enjoy the challenge, problem solve with enthusiasm, keep your energies up and make sure that you understand what you are getting and who is doing it.’

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Kylie Lewis
Co-Author and Founder, Of Kin

Kylie is a digital veteran starting her online career in 1997 selling template websites to small business. Since then, Kylie has worked as a web project manager, digital strategist and online marketer for a motley crew of pure play start-ups, entrepreneurial projects and digital agencies. She’s now the founder of her own consultancy Of Kin, specialising in business coaching and content marketing for creative, curious,
entrepreneurial types.

Note from Kylie, the client lady:

‘Be a good client… Hell, be a freakishly awesome client! Choose your ecommerce agency based on competency AND cultural fit. Choose your agency based on the people you will be working with, and invest in those people. For the duration of the project and beyond, they are part of your team – treat them just like you would treat anyone working inside your business, or better still, treat them better. Show the love. It will be returned to you in spades.

Accept that things will go wrong. Have a solid contingency budget. Be prepared for tough conversations. Plan for rest. Acknowledge that you, your team and your agency are human and have needs for renewal, recognition and appreciation. Never forget your humanity and that of those you work with.

And celebrate! It should be part of the project plan.’